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Stop Pilferage from cartons and pallets - 15/07/2013

The latest development in Tamper-evident Security tapes. Safeguard goods in storage and transit whether they are boxed, palletised, or both.
This new tape has improved stability and handling, a new void message for improved void warning visibility and a new adhesive system.

  • Superior roll stability, no delamination or premature voiding even when handled heavily
  • Unmistakable voiding on any surface, card board and wrapping films
  • New void message

    Avoid temptation by temporary staff, keep goods safe in transit, and most importantly provide reassurance to your clients that goods have not been tampered with. Saves time and aggravation at time of stock checking and goods reception.

    Please contact us for a free sample or talk to one of our representatives about the full range of features and customisations available.
    On top of this SKD offer a full UK stock holding and timed supply service, eliminating the need to carry vast amount of Security tape in stock.
  • TransVoid Tamper Evident Labels - 30/03/2013

    We offer two versions of transparent ultra-discreet Tamper evident security labels

    These labels look like any other transparent label before any attempt to peel them, which means they are close to invisible. Bold coloured security labels are often not a desirable choice for printed packaging, which significantly reduces the choice of security tamper evident closures.

    For this reason we introduced the TransVoid range.

    NoRes, SK6807 - This label leaves the surface underneath free from residue, which means the item or packaging can be re-used with a new tamper seal. Condition is the undoubted awareness that a security label was there originally.

    PartRes, SK6107 UVTec - This label does leave a void message, or trace of it behind on the packaging. The void message illuminates under UV-light thus providing unmistakable evidence that there was a label in situ originally.

    Both available in any size, with or without surface printing and variable data.

    Tamper Evident Security Tape SK76 - 30/03/2013

    This year we have succesfully introduced the New Tamper-proof tape SK76.

    The product is a development from manufacturer Seal King on the well established SK66xx. SKDirect have worked closely with the Taiwan development team to keep the original features and functionality, but add a number of improvements. Not in the least, the new product is more competitive.

    The new tape assures void warning no matter how the tape is peeled from the surface. It is designed to seal cardboard packaging, as would a normal packaging tape, with the added function of an unmistakable void message on removal.

    Standard we carry this product in our UK stores in red and blue, with a unique 'Security Tape' print design. Through this special design one cannot easily replace the tape with any red or blue tape to cover up the tamper evidence breach on first sight.

    We can customise the new tamper evident tape in many ways. Bespoke single or multi-colour surface prints, perforations for easy tear-off, sequential numbering and bespoke void messages are all available. Considering a bespoke tamper evident tape? Give us your ideas, logo and colour scheme and we'll provide your artwork proof free of charge and commitment.

    Later this year the range will be supplemented with a plain brown tamper evident tape, contact us for more information and/or free sample

    Developments in tamper-evident - 20/12/2010

    There has been a development in a composite metal and plastic closure with tamper-evident features that is suitable for press-on,twist-off applications.

    The 51PT-Band features a plastic tamper-evident band that breaks from the closure during opening, and a safety button that pops up with an audible click as the vacuum is released.

    The tamper-evident band stays permanently detached, making it an important security feature, particularly for baby food, according to the firm, which makes closures for oxygen-sensitive, vacuum and aseptically packaged food products and still beverages.

    It's also claimed that the newly developed compounds in the closure design reduced the migration of packaging materials into food. Additional features include new gasket geometry that requires less strength when opening the closure.

    Benefits to Tamper Evident - 13/12/2010

    Tampering involves the deliberate altering or adulteration of information, a product, a package, or system. Solutions may involve all phases of product production, distribution, logistics, sale, and use. No single solution can be considered as "Tampering". Often multiple levels of security need to be addressed to reduce the risk of Tampering. Some considerations might include:

    Tamper Packagin Sealing - 29/11/2010

    Humana Milchunion wanted a container that would combine effective product security with easy opening for consumer convenience. At the same time, cost-effectiveness was a critical issue, as the solution needed to be compatible with Humana’s existing filling lines. The tamper-evident effect is achieved through the creation of a channel around the rim of the tub, which acts as a seal when the lid is fitted. A tab is incorporated into the channel to enable consumers to break the seal in order to open the lid. Tamper evident tapes and seals deliver new possibilities in tamper-evident food packaging.

    Advantages of Bag Sealing - 15/11/2010

    Bag Sealing Tapes are designed to:

    Tamper-proof seals - 08/11/2010

    A major concern for retailers is product tampering in their health and beauty sections. Most manufacturers use tamper evident types of packaging, which can range from PVC safety seal bands around the caps and necks of bottles, foil induction seals under the cap and tamper evident hinge guard caps to full safety seals around both the bottle and cap, and even boxes.

    Of these, foil induction seals under the caps are the most effective because they won't adhere to the bottle lip once they're pulled off. That makes it very evident that the seal has been tampered with. Other signs that a product may have been tampered with include:

    -A plastic or tight-fitting wrap around the top of the bottle appears distorted or stretched, as though it had been rolled down and then put back into place.

    -Bits of paper or glue are stuck on the rim of the container, making it seem as if the container once had a bottle seal.

    -The expiration date, lot number and other information aren't the same on both the container and its outer wrapping or box.